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Biography Martin de Zoete

Martin de Zoete has studied Architecture at the TU Delft, and has his Masters Degree in Science. In 1999 he came into contact with the magical world of sand at the International Sand Sculpting Festival at Scheveningen. He has been hooked ever since. In 2005 he graduated and since then he is fulltime working with sand. In 2002 he won at the (semi official) European Championships at Cervia, Italy and became Master Carvers. In 2004 Martin won in best architecture at the World Championships in Harrisand Hot Springs, Canada.

Since 2002 martin has been involved in the set-up and organization of big festivals. He has helped with the design and technical realization of the Sand Sculpture Festival Blankeberge, Belgium (2002 and 2003) and realized the technical support and planning of the Sand Sculpture Festival Zeebrugge, Belgium (2004). Since 2003 he has worked together with a German organizer and he builds many sculptures throughout Europe.

Martin has been involved with a number of companies and many people over the last few years, resulting in him traveling to various events in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Holland, China, America and Canada. In addition to sculpting he is a web designer in his free time. A couple of his websites are, of course, on sand sculpting for the various festivals. He is also the webmaster of GlobalSand, a site which reunites sand sculptors from across the globe.