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The Netherlands
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The occupies itself with building sand sculptures in shopping centres, squares, (neighbourhood) festivals, fairs, markets and/or openings of company's.
We build promotional sculptures, logo's, replica's of existing architectural highlights like churches, city halls and other building of importance.
We design and build sculptures contumely made sculptures for our clients.

These sculptures can have several different themes, like:
-mythological themes.
-Historical themes; jubilees of city's, organisations or events.
-Comical and humour themes; caricature and persiflage's.
-realistic themes; group compositions and portraits.

You can also think of combinations of a logo combined with a story with a great deal of humour.
Also you can engage us to give you're festivities some colour and enhance the atmosphere of you're party. Think about a bride and bridegroom in sand at the reception, which makes the festivities unforgettable.
You can also think about a promotion of a product or a company's logo made out of sand, which gives it a positive image.