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The is founded in 2006 by Martin de Zoete (Biography) and Joram Amsdorf (Biography).
Martin de Zoete has successfully completed a study as architect at the University of Delft and Joram Amsdorf has an education as teacher in vorming arts at the High School For Art of Amsterdam.
After years of working for different clients and company's in the world of sand, we decided in 2006 to combine our expertise start to work together under the name

The company started with experience we both had from our freelance activities. We can fall-back on a wide field of experiences witch consist of the whole spectrum of creating sand sculptures.

Several point which show our experiences are:
-Initialising and the creation designs.
-Technical (calculations) workout of the earlier mentioned designs.
-The build-up of a sculpture.
-The artistic finishing and responsibility.
-Searching and employing qualified sculptors.
-The artistic responsibility.
-The managing the project.