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Theme Parks

A theme sculpture tells a story in one sculpture, uses a theme park several sculptures to create a theme park. We tell a story with multiple connected sculptures, with a beginning and (happy) ending.

With the creation of a theme park we take care of several differnent aspects of the construction.
Several point which show our experiences are:

-Initialising and the creation designs.
Every sculpture park start with making a choice of theme. After a theme is chosen we can start with the designs.

-Technical (calculations) workout of the earlier mentioned designs.
When the first design are made, we can start with the technical planning of the chosen design. Sand quantity, which forms, time planning, etc.

-The build-up of a sculpture.
Transport of sand, construction of infrastructure. The making of forms and the build-up on the terrain of the sculpture.

-The artistic finishing and responsibility.
Managing the sculptors. Taking care of the communication towards the sculptors. Feedback towards the client and sponsors.

-Managing the project.
Contracting sculptors. Delivery of sand, infrastructure, machines, etc. Planning and logistics.

-Creating the circumstantial conditions.
Publicity, sponsoring, permits, etc.

The development of theme parks takes place in dialogue and consultation with the client an sponsors. The roll play is discussed and your ideas and our expertise come together.