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Biography Joram Amsdorf

Joram Amsdorf has graduated from the College of Amsterdam 2e degrees in 1997 and to the College for Arts 1st degree in 2002. He has converted these studies afterwards into practical experience operative as a docent in the middle education. This training and work experience form the creative basis for its work as expressive artist, free-lance sand picture builder, designer and speculator of workshops.

In 2002 Joram came into touch with sand sculptures. He participated in international festivals in Blankenberge and Zeebrugge, projects in The Netherlands and Greece and a competition in Cervia. Furthermore he builds (promotional) sculptures for several clients. Besides working as a sand sculptor, Joram also worked as a designer and artistic leader on several festivals for a Belgium sand sculpting company.

Beside the activities of building sand sculptures and a first experience with ice sculptures Joram is especially busy in the field of two-dimensional arts as painting and drawing, in which he makes autonomous work. Furthermore he is occupied with the visualisation of concepts and designing logo's and house styles.